celwas | CELWELL  


Multipurpose adjuvant  


Composition:                                 (W/V) 

Non-ionic surfactant                       15.3% 


Zinc (Zn)                                         2.0%

CELWELL is a high quality mixture which includes surfactant materials and Zinc. It is specially  developed  to  improve  the  suitability  of  the  water  used  in  agrochemical treatments and to correct the characteristics of the solution applied.   CELWELL is formulated as a multi‐function adjuvant since it can act as a wetting agent in spraying treatments, defoaming agent, pH regulator and a source of Zinc. It enhances  the  physical  and  chemical  mixture  properties  and the  efficiency  of  the treatment performed.   CELWELL,  as  a  wetting  agent,  optimizes  the  application  both  phytosanitary  and nutritional treatments. Due to the reduction of the surface tension, there is a further expansion  of  the  sprayed  drops,  which  scatter  and  increase  its  diameter  on  the leaves,  so  a  better  coverage  is  obtained.  Moreover,  CELWELL  also  facilitates  the absorption of the mixture through the stomata.  The addition of CELWELL to fertilizer or phytosanitary application mixtures prevents the formation of foam. It also can be used to remove foam after its formation. CELWELL  also  works  as  a  buffering  agent.  It  corrects  the  pH  of  the  application mixtures used in agriculture and keeps the value stable and low. It is particularly suitable to reduce the pH of the phytosanitary solutions made of hard, alkaline water. It also can be used to facilitate drippers operation.  Furthermore, CELWELL formulation includes 2.50% of Zinc, to correct the deficiencies of this essential micronutrient on crops.