celwas | CELSALT 


Organic calcium complex 


Composition:                                         (W/V) 

Complexed calcium oxide (CaO)            12.20%

Organic acids                                        19.40%

Complexing agents: lignosulfonate, organic acids and EDTA.  

CELSALT  is  a  liquid  complex  of  calcium  specifically  designed  to  solubilize  salts accumulated in soil.  In this process, several complexing organic agents take part to improve  soil  quality  in  those  which  salt  concentration  is  high.  CELSALT  has  an organocalcic base that contains organic acids that can be regenerated and recycled in the soil. The  main  components  of  CELSALT  are  calcic  salt  and  organic  acids (polyhydroxycarboxylic acids). When salts release Ca2+, they can be regenerated in carboxylic radicals (-COOH) that act on calcium insoluble salts (calcium carbonates) resulting in a multiplier effect. CELSALT releases fixed elements on soil such as phosphorous, calcium and other micronutrients that act mainly in the clayhumic complex in the soil, resulting in a modification of capacity and quality of cation exchange.