Composition:                                 (W/V) 

Total Nitrogen (N)                         11.00%

Free amino acid                            18.00%

Organic Matter                              27.50%


Iron (Fe)                                         1.00% 

Manganese (Mn)                             0.60% 

Zinc (Zn)                                         0.50% 


CELAMINO PLUS is an amino acid from plant origin based fertilizer with complexed trace  elements  and  vitamins  (folic  acid)  to  improve  both  its  foliar  and  root assimilation.  Amino  acid  action  stimulates  plant  physiological functions  such  as sprouting, flowering, pollination, fruit setting and fruit development.  Due to the amino acid activation power, its natural components influence cell's vital functions and also allow the achievement of maximum performance of fertilization programs.  CELAMINO PLUS stimulates and increases plant resistance against adverse conditions such as drought stress, frosts or cryptogamic attacks. As the application of trace elements with amino acids accelerates the synthesis of proteins,  plant  can save itself the metabolic processes of producing amino acids.