celwas | CELMIX 




COMPOSITION:                      (P/P)           (P/V) 

Iron (Fe)                                  5.0%           7.1%

Zinc (Zn)                                 1.3%           1.8%

Manganese (Mn)                     2.3%           3.2%

Complexing agents: amino acidos and organic acids.


CELMIX is a liquid complex made up of organic matter with high and low molecular weight to prevent and correct Iron, Zinc and Manganese deficiencies. It is specially formulated to maintain plant needs for both foliar application and fertigation. The Fe, Zn and Mn provided by CELMIX are chelated with lignosulfonate and organic acids which  are  excellent  organic  complexing  agents.  They  ensure  the  chelated  metal stability within a wide range of pH as well as an optimal incorporation into the plant through  spraying  or  via  soil  applications.  Furthermore,  the  lignin  degradation compounds of lignosulfonate act as precursors of humic substances in soils.