celwas | CELFER 6-53 

CELFER 6-53 

Chelated iron in EDDHA


COMPOSITION:                                  (W/W) 

Total soluble Fe-EDDHA                       6.0%

Chelated Iron [o-o] EDDHA                   5.3%

Chelated Iron [o-p] EDDHA                    0.7%

CELFER 6-53 is a microgranulate Fe-EDDHA iron chelate based fertilizer; formulated with GS and GD technology (the granules are 100 % soluble and dispersible in water). It is especially developed to provide this nutrient in a totally assimilable form to any crop.

CELFER 6-53 allows an efficient prevention and correction of iron chlorosis. Iron (Fe) is an essential micronutrient and it is involved into chlorophyll pigments formation, which  is  essential  for  plant development.  It  also  participates  in  the transport  of  electrons,  so  is  therefore  an  essential  element  in  plant  respiratory processes and it is strongly involved in enzymes and proteins formation. In addition, Iron has an important role in symbiotic nitrogen fixation.

CELFER 6-53 is an EC fertilizer for iron correction with 5.3% of ortho-ortho-EDDHA isomer, which provides an optimum efficiency in alkaline soils and in those with high calcium content. Moreover, this isomer provides an extraordinary stability even at high pH values, and thus persists in its soluble and easier assimilated by the form longer than other products.

CELFER 6-53 can be easily applied to any crop. Due to its high water solubility does not generate any clogging problems into the irrigation systems and does not leave residues inside the dissolving tanks. Moreover, thanks to its soluble and dispersible granulated form it does not originate any dust during its handling.