celwas | CELMAX


Composition:                      (W/W)

Aminoacids and peptides      25%

N                                         5%

c                                        17%

Fe                                     0.2%

Zn                                   0.15%

Mn                                   0.15%

Celmax is an organic fertilizer to base of biologically active substances (Amino acids, Peptides, Vitamins, Polysaccharides, Glycine betaine, etc. (that activates the vegetal metabolism and the cellular division of the roots and the young tissue. It also contains micro-nutrients complexed with amino acids that help to prevent or to treat effectively any deficiencies or nutritional imbalance. The synergic action of all these components, make Celmax a real bio-promoter that  acts on the rhizosphere stimulating the development of primary roots and the emission of the secondary ones. It can also be used in seed treatment to improve field performance