celwas | CELFe


Iron Deficiency Corrector


Composition:                                       (W/V) 

Iron (Fe)                                              6.0% 

*Complexing agents: Organic acids and amino acids.

CELFe is a liquid complex of organic matter with high and low molecular weight for both, foliar and soil applications. It is designed to prevent and correct Iron deficiencies in crops. CELFe provides Iron, which in plants can be found mainly in two  important  groups  of  proteins:  hemoproteins  and  Iron-Sulfur (Fe-S) proteins.

  1. Hemoproteins: they act as acceptors or donors of electrons in plant respiratory metabolism and take part essentially in chlorophyll Some of the important proteins in plant metabolism are: catalase, peroxidase  and  leghemoglobin. The physiological functions regulated by this hemoproteins include: 
  • Catalase: takes part in photorespiration reactions, in glycolate pathway and contributes to chloroplast protection from free radicals created by photosynthesis (antioxidant effect).
  • Peroxidase: catalyzes the polyphenol polymerization that takes to lignin formation in cell walls.
  • Leghemoglobin: takes up oxygen from legume radicular  nodules and prevents enzymes that take part in this  biochemical process from oxidation (antioxidant effect). 
  1. Fe-S proteins: they take part in light dependent reactions of photosynthetic processes. Ferredoxin must be highlighted; it transports and donates electrons to other enzymes.

Iron provided by CELFe is chelated with organic acids and amino acids. Those act as excellent organic chelating agents, so they ensure the stability of the chelated metal between a wide  pH  range and an optimal incorporation into the plant through both, foliar and root systems.