Humic organic amendment


Composition:                                                          (W/W)

 Humic acids                                                            6.7%

Fulvic acids                                                             18.2%

Free Amino Acids                                                      3.8%

Organic Matter                                                        38.0%

Product appearance: liquid Water solubility:               100%

 Density: 1.11 ± 0.01 g/mL

 pH (pure product) = 6.1

 pH (1% in water) = 7.3

 Color: dark brown

CELHUMIC PLUS is an organic liquid soil improver with a high content in humic and fulvic acids and supplemented with amino acids and organic acids. It increases the availability of macronutrients and micronutrients and improves soil physical conditions. It also activates soil microorganisms that convert organic nitrogen to NH4+ and NO3-. CELHUMIC PLUS unbounds the soil fixed elements as phosphorus, micronutrients or calcium and acts mainly on the clay-humic soil complex, modifying both capacity and quality of the cation exchange. CELHUMIC PLUS improves phosphate absorption and protects this element from calcium-phosphate (alkaline soils) exchange and iron-phosphate exchange (acidic soils) and can fix phosphate anions, improving its availability for plant absorption. Moreover, CELHUMIC PLUS stimulates root growth, immobilizes free elements in soil, improves physical soil structure and provides organic matter. Furthermore, CELHUMIC PLUS provide free amino acids from plant source, essential molecules in protein synthesis processes which also act as precursors of phytohormones and other growth-related substances. Amino acids activate plant metabolic system, improve seed sprout and invigorate crops under stress conditions. By enhancing ATP production and the efficiency of energy storage, the negative effects of drought, cold, pests, etc. on crop yield are reduced. CELHUMIC PLUS is recommended for first stages of growth, when phosphorus needs are high. It is also suitable for those stages where an increase of the effectiveness of micronutrients applications is required.