celwas | CELCAL PLUS 



Composition:                           (W/V) 

Calcium (CaO)                         18.0%

Phosphorus (P2O5)                   6.0%

Zn                                            1.0%

B                                              0.5%

CELCAL PLUS is a liquid fertilizer of calcium and phosphorous, suitable for foliar applications on fruit trees and vegetables. It’s special composition contributes in preventing of nutrition disorders and the correction of above elements deficiencies while it secures better fruit quality and the prolongation of their resistance in storage and handling after harvesting. Calcium is an essential element for the growth of the root system, cell division and elongation, stability of cellular walls, prevention of certain natural abnormalities, and regulation of Potassium and magnesium absorption. Boron and Zinc support healthy flower formation and improvement of pollination and fertilization as well. In addition improves fruit-setting and development.