celwas | CELSET


Flower and Fruit Setting Natural activator 


Composition:                                      (W/V) 

Total nitrogen (N)                                7.0% 

Boron (B)                                            1.0% 

Zinc (Zn)                                             8.0% 

Free amino acids                                 2.0% 

CELSET is a liquid fertilizer based on Nitrogen, Boron and Zinc, for both foliar and soil applications. It is formulated to prevent  and correct boron and Zinc deficiency in crops.  CELSET prevents disorders and imperfections on fruits, so the post-harvest losses are reduced. It also induces flowering and improves fruit setting.  The exclusive formulation of CELSET also supplies nitrogen, which contributes to the normal physiological functioning of crops and amino acids, which complex zinc and provide an improvement in the response of the plant to stress situations.   CELSET is recommended for horticultural, fruit trees and plants of the poaceae family as corn or sorghum. CELSET can be applied by spraying or directly to the root system mixed with the irrigation water. It is recommended to apply CELSET during the early stages  of  growth,  before  flowering  or  after  reaping  in  crops  that  are  harvested frequently.