celwas | CELSIL




COMPOSITION:                                                 (W/V) 

Silicon (SiO2)                                                  10.50%

Seaweed extract (Ascophyllum nodosum)          5.00%

Potassium (K2O) water soluble                          4.40% 

CELSIL  is  a  fully  soluble  liquid  silicon-based  biostimulant  formulated  along  with seaweed  extract.  Silicon has a double  effect  on  the  soil–plant  system.  First, improved plant-silicon nutrition  reinforces  plant-protective  properties  against diseases, insect attack, and unfavorable climatic conditions. Second, soil treatment with  biogeochemically  active  silicon  substances  optimizes  soil  fertility  through improving physical and chemical soil properties and the maintenance of nutrients in plant-available forms. The effect of silicon on plant resistance to pests is considered to be due either to accumulation of absorbed silicon in the epidermal tissue or expression of pathogenesis-induced host-defense responses. The ability of silicon to form polymers in the cell walls, associated or not with organic molecules such as cellulose, increases its physical and chemical resistance to insect attacks and  to  degradation  by  enzymes  released  by  microorganisms.  Moreover,  CELSIL contains  seaweed  extract  (Ascophyllum  nodosum).  The  natural  composition  of Ascophyllum nodosum extract  includes  natural  phytoregulator  precursors  ( cytokinins,  auxins  and gibberellins ), amino acids, carbohydrates and a large number of nutritive elements. It  has  a  positive  effect  on  plant  fundamental  physiological  processes  such  as growing, fertility, protein synthesis and sugar translocation among others.